Our Olive Oils

Il Simposio

Extra virgin olive oil light fruity, with strong aromas of cut grass, thistle, and bay leaf.

Closes tasting with personality and style, confirming aromatic generosity, harmony and fragrance.

Cultivar: Frantoio 60%, Leccino 30%, Rosciola 10%


Extra virgin olive oil fruity, tasting notes of flowers and medicinal herbs.

Bitter and strongly balanced spicy denote a fresh and particular oil.

Cultivar: Frantoio single variety.


Medium fruity extra virgin olive oil, with notes of wild grass and vanilla.

The taste of sweet almond and medicinal herbs, soft bitter and spicy that remains in the final.

Cultivars: Moraiolo monovarietal.

For years we have been waiting for the Coratina olive oil and finally we had the first harvest in 2016.
The apprehension and eagerness was palpable to the mill, the questions were many but, perhaps, the thorniest one was: would Coratina cultivated in our farm, with different soils and climatic conditions than in its area of origin, confers a product up to the expectation?


The answer was not long in coming; already during the milling a fruity aroma, different from what we were used to, was felt in the air: riper, more firm and bitterer.
The taste gave confirmation of what the nose felt. By then we were sure!
Our Coratina had all the features that are described in the literature: complex aromas of herbs and green almonds, artichoke and rocket salad to the taste, in line with the fruity, bitter and spicy, decisive, powerful and unequivocal sign of strong content of polyphenols, making the oil particularly rich in beneficial compounds for its preservation and for our health.
The extra virgin olive oil quality obtained from our Coratina is also due to the special attention paid to the whole production chain process, likewise for all Il Simposio’s products: appropriate farming techniques, manual harvest, cold-extraction within 12 hours of collection and careful preservation in a controlled environment.
The mono-varietal oil Coratina guarantees receptive and demanding consumers who are looking for uncommon sensations as well as new forms of blend with meat, beans and vegetables, in an enduring “food and health” combination as stated by Hippocrates (greek physician of the 4th century BC), who encouraged the patients with his famous phrase:
“Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”