The pruning carried out on the farm is the polyconic vase.
The olives are harvested from the ground with the pruners, long rods with hacksaws or scissors depending on the use

Flowering and Fruit Set

Between April and May there is the vegetative period of the olive tree in which the flowering and fruit set takes place i.e. the passage from the flower to the fruit, in which small drupes can be glimpsed


At the end of the olive production cycle there is the harvest.
The company uses rollers which, by using the tractor, stretch the sheets over long surfaces.
The olives are harvested by electric facilitators.
The drupes are then rewound with the sheet and placed in bins and brought to the mill within 24 hours

Oil Mill

The cycle ends with the milling at the mill
Which uses the continuous cycle with mechanical cold extraction


After pressing, the oil is filtered with a special cardboard filter to prevent contact with the laying from altering the organoleptic properties.
Finally, it is stored in special stainless steel tanks with nitrogen so that the oil does not come into contact with the air, oxidizing
In this way you will have a product with all its properties unchanged over time.